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Event Prize Games Blog

February 24, 2012

Prize Wheel, Plinko, Prize DiceOur prize games, like the Prize wheel, Plinko and Prize Dice, have been created to establish an environment of fun. When you use fun to present a new idea, market a product or become more involved with your local community, you break down barriers of unfamiliarity. Fun environments allow you to display your best products and services while interacting with your potential consumers.

And, everyone loves to win a prize!

Playing a game and winning a prize takes us back to fond childhood memories. As you were surrounded by spectators, you were able to spin the carnival wheel and it would stop to reveal the winning prize. Or, you could drop a coin onto a game board and it would turn and twist as it fell to the bottom. As it landed, it determined the winning prize.  In this same way, business marketers are using marketing tools to create events of fun for corporate branding and promotional strategies.

We want to provide you with a marketing tool that is effective at drawing in a crowd and giving you the opportunity to interact with your consumers. And, as a result, we’ve shipped thousands of prize games to hotels, banks, repair shops, restaurants, salons, festivals, county fairs, trade shows, and conferences across the USA.

Let our customer service team help you decide which prize game is best for your next event.

February 16, 2012
Customize Your Prize WheelColors For Your Prize Wheel

There are two main elements to customizing a prize wheel. The most important element is color. Flashy colors attract customers. That’s why you should spend a little time with a color wheel to choose colors that are bright and attractive but that do not clash with the other colors on the wheel. The second element that you should focus on is branding. A spin to win event is not successful unless people walk away remembering the name of your company.

All of the prize wheels here at Event Prize Games were made with customization in mind. We even provide free templates for the center plate and prize cards! All you have to do is visit our templates page, find the size of wheel you purchased, and download the template. It only takes a few minutes to add your logo, select company colors, and create an attractive overall design.

Be creative in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop (PDF available).

Grand Opening EventPromote your grand opening event to local consumers with an event prize game. Prize games give you an opportunity to create a fun, exciting atmosphere while getting to know your potential customers better.


1. Prize wheels.
Prize wheels are unique, fun, and nostalgic. Between the fun of watching the spinning of the wheel and hearing cheers from winning participants, this game has a way of including players and observers alike. Prize wheels are meant to be used over and over, so you can change out the winning prizes for a different event. All it takes is a little creativity and some planning.

Prize Wheels

2. Plinko.
In this prize game, a customer drops a puck into the game and it falls through a series of twists and turns before landing on a prize. The potential customer then wins the prize on which the puck falls. For Plinko, customization is easy. We provide you free templates for customizing the prize offerings and puck branding. More importantly, you can get Plinko in 2 sizes: Standard Plinko and Mini Plinko.

Plinko Prize Games

Whichever prize game you choose to use, be sure to select prizes that potential customers will enjoy and will want to win. They don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Coupons for free items from the store are always a big hit, along with gift cards, discounts, store “bucks”, discounts and buy-one-get-one-free promotions. All our prize games include our free templates in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat. You simply create your prize cards, print them on your office printer and slide them into the prize game.

Make your Grand Opening Event unique, memorable and interesting to gain the support of your local community.

February 6, 2012

Retail StoreFor those of you who deal predominately in the land of brick and mortar retail sales, we have interactive marketing tools that will be perfect for you.  Many local stores have extended their brand reach and encouraged new customer visits by offering a spin wheel promotion on their premises. Since everyone loves to win a prize, a spin wheel offers you the ability to appeal to consumers’ desire to have fun. Once they are having some fun, you have an excellent opportunity to tell them about your products and services.



12 Slot Floor Stand Prize WheelA parking lot or front door entrance makes the perfect location for a spin to win campaign. In addition, your prize wheel can be used in local community events like county fairs and farmers markets to further persuade your local consumers to try out your store. Give samples of your products or coupons that new customers can use in your store.

Be creative and give winning prizes that local consumers can use and would want to win.

February 2, 2012

Prize Wheel For Trade Show Booth

Ideally, as a trade show booth presenter, you want to show off a new product or service and provide a little information about your company.  So, use your prize wheel to attract attention but don’t allow the fun and games to dominate the entire booth space.  You have to strike a balance between providing fun and getting your message heard. That takes research, creativity, and passion.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a prize wheel for a trade show, the biggest appeal of a prize wheel is its uniqueness.  With this marketing tool, you can avoid the same, dry sales pitch at your trade show and implore the interactivity of the prize wheel to break the ice. We like to encourage our customers to put themselves in their potential customers’ shoes.

What type of FUN would you like to see if you were visiting a trade show booth?

The next time you use your prize wheel, consider customizing your prize wheel with new colors, designs and prizes that are specific to your audience. Prize winning items must be meaningful to your booth visitor so consider your winning gifts carefully. Use our free templates in Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe PDF to create new prize slots for each new event you will attend.

January 26, 2012

Event PlannerMany traveling event coordinators find themselves needing a prize game that can be easily transported. Why not try a mini Prize Wheel or mini Plinko? Designed with busy event planners in mind, our mini-sized games with travel cases are easy to transport. In addition to your travel case, having a few accessories on hand is a good idea. Accessories like extra Plinko pucks and extra Prize Wheel clickers ensure that you have all you need to create a successful event.

All of our prize games have been created for your customization. Customizing your prize game is easy when using one of our free templates and printing your design colors, party themes or branding elements. Using the free templates, you simply print out your design on your home or office printer, cut out the shape and slide the prize into the prize wheel slot. Many people use the center plate of a mini prize wheel to display the sponsoring company logo. Both the Mini Plinko and Mini Prize Wheel give traveling party-planners a compact way to keep their events fun, unique and interactive.