Event Prize Games Blog

January 26, 2012

Event PlannerMany traveling event coordinators find themselves needing a prize game that can be easily transported. Why not try a mini Prize Wheel or mini Plinko? Designed with busy event planners in mind, our mini-sized games with travel cases are easy to transport. In addition to your travel case, having a few accessories on hand is a good idea. Accessories like extra Plinko pucks and extra Prize Wheel clickers ensure that you have all you need to create a successful event.

All of our prize games have been created for your customization. Customizing your prize game is easy when using one of our free templates and printing your design colors, party themes or branding elements. Using the free templates, you simply print out your design on your home or office printer, cut out the shape and slide the prize into the prize wheel slot. Many people use the center plate of a mini prize wheel to display the sponsoring company logo. Both the Mini Plinko and Mini Prize Wheel give traveling party-planners a compact way to keep their events fun, unique and interactive.

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